Friday, September 11, 2009

September Goals and Pretending to Have a Life

So August's goals did not turn out as well as planned. But hey, I goaled and blogged. Go me.

Should we try again? I think so:

September Goals
(I'm always a little late ;)

• Blog More. Putting it first this time. We'll see if that helps.
• Break 195. The loses are coming more slowly so I'm adapting my goals.
• Walk/Jog/Bike Outside at least Once a Week. Quick quick before it gets too cold.
• Take and Post Progress Pictures. Ugh.
• Flirt with a Stranger at the Bachelorette Party.
• Double weights in BodyPump. I increase by 1.5 yesterday.

As you can see there aren't that many. I'm just trying to make it through this month. My bff from high school is getting married. I'm a bridesmaid, planning the bachelorette party (maid of honor is from another country) and making the cheesy wedding reception video. Plus working and the gym...I'm all outta goal setting.

So this weekend I am house/dog/cat/bird sitting once again. It is quite strange to randomly stay in someone else's home for days at a time every few weeks. I pack up my cats (two as of this week) and pretend being there is normal. I know what's in each kitchen cabinet. I know where all the light switches are. Its almost like its mine. But its not. I go from my simple little one bedroom apartment to their 3-story house complete with home theater. And its empty. This big house with me and a bunch of pets, pictures of their kids covering the walls. I don't have a husband, a family, a nice house, places to travel to on the weekends. I have two cats and a humble apartment. This place echos, ya know. It's lonely.

Thanks for reading.


  1. You really inspire me. Maybe I should get some detailed goals like you. I'm not sure about the pic tho--it's hard, and you're so brave. I gots to think about it.

  2. man and I CAN NOT BELIEVE I just did my september goals this week and it feels like october is almost here!!



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