Wednesday, September 2, 2009

August Goal Results Fail

Life is busy you know. I have a hard time keeping up with all this blogging and such as a single female; I don't know how you people with families actually accomplish anything.

So it's September. I guess that means its time to take a look back at my August goals and see how I did. I can tell you right now, its not good:

• Weight train twice a week.
I actually did this. √
• Break 190. This will get me out of the "obese" bmi and into the "overweight".
I really really did not. FAIL

• Go for a walk/jog outside, once a week. The weather is still nice; I should be taking advantage of it.
Not a single time. FAIL

• Keep kitchen clean. (This has nothing to do with weightloss but I'm really bad about it)
I did this too. √
• Blog weekly weigh-ins. I've been slacking.
Obviously not. FAIL
• Take and post progress pictures.
Nope. FAIL

• Try BodyJam or BodyAttack.
I did Jam, I did. √
• Dance to at least one song a day. And I mean embarrass your friends dance.
Negative. FAIL

As for weight loss, I weighed on Tuesday. I'm still at 203. With the complete trash I ate the last two weeks...I'm happy with this. I was sure I'd gained many of those hard lost lbs back and would have to start over again. It took major convincing for to even get myself on that scale. I was so scared. But sure enough, my body was on my side for once. Thank you BodyCombat obsession. Thank you.

I need to write more. I have a lot to write about. But sadly, once again, I have not the time. I'm actually still at work. (*Shhhhh*)

Have a good Labor Day Weekend everyone. It's pouring rain here :)

Thanks for reading.


  1. Focus on the positve. You did great! Your weight is stable--and I'm sure you lost fat and gained muscle, especially with all that Body Pump. Try measuring yourself, and you will see what kind of progress you have made. I was frustrated too when I didn't see my scale moving, but my measurements changed. And how can they not? If you consistently work out (which we both do) your body will change. Focus on the positive girl, you are doing great. Your weight is a number.

    PS, I know someone at work who has lost A LOT of weight, but guess what, she isn't any stronger or more fit than she was...she just weighs less. I KNOW I AM STRONGER and more FIT. And I know you know it too.

  2. Dear FTF,

    You forgot one thing on your checklist...Post August Goal Results==>CHECK

    Good for you. Remember snails get from point A to point B, even if they do leave a slimy trail behind them.

    I'm most proud of your KP duties goal. Congrats. I suck at that.


    PS. I see you've hit the 100's ==> WAY TO GO!!!!


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