Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weightloss Plateau and the Green-Eyed Monster

So lately I've been afraid to face the scale. I've made these goals, and I met some, but then I gained that extra one or two back. Sometimes my "fattie friends'" tweets & blogs help inspire me but other times I'm jealous of their success and my failure. Don't get me wrong, they're completely supportive but jealousy sometimes makes me blind to that. I have to remind myself that everyone is different and someone else's way might not work for me and my life. I'm working on it.

So that said, I'm hovering about 203, sometimes reaching 205. My brief visit to Onederland seems like a distant memory. I'm stuck. I haven't been so strict on with my food. I have increased the intensity and fequency of my workouts though. Its like my body has just decided, "I'm going to be this way whether you like it or not. Doesn't matter what you do, I'll adapt." Well you know what body? You KNOW WHAT?!? Okay, I don't know what I'm going to do, but something...

For now all I can do is keep at it, try to make good choices, and silence the green-eyed monster.

Off to wal-mart now to check out the selection of clearance workout clothes as mentioned by the beautiful and fabulous miss Chubby Stubby Kay.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Anna~your words motivate and inspire me. It's great to know that someone out there is plugging away like I am, working out like a fiend at Combat, SOMETIMES doesn't make the best food choices, but doesn't quit and continues to persevere. That's what I do week in and week out. But I need more people (like you) in my weight loss circle, and as it is now, I'm probably more envious of you. You have something I don't~your youth. And you've cracked the code to Onederland--and if you could make it there once, you can do it again. You're doing great. They say in WW sometimes you got to shake it up. They actually say to take in more calories sometimes, it tricks your body into revving up the metabolism. I am seriously considering going back to WW meetings. I am kinda stuck right now at the same weight, +/- 2 lbs.

  2. Firstly, plateaus are a sign of good progress.

    Secondly, plateaus suck rotten eggs.

    Just remember that your body is adjusting to your previous fantab progress.

    And, Bonus! It has given you a peek at Onederland for motivation. It isn't a myth! You know it's real 'cause you've seen it with your own eyes!


  3. Pretty Lady!

    Plateaus can be the worst! I am addicted to reading health articles and studies, and I know many of them say to try changing your workout to help give your body a boost. Maybe try spicing your workout up a bit? Take a class you haven't tried yet or workout on a new equipment at the gym? I walk daily, but for workouts I tend to mix them up week to week. Zumba here and there, pilates, Hip Hop Abs, and even Belly Dancing! LoL.

    You are an amazing and beautiful woman and have done soooo well! Keep it up, girly! I know you have been hovering at the same weight, but think of it this way...It's not a GAIN! So you are still heading towards the right direction. ONE-derland is in your reach!!

    Hope you find some good deals at Walmart. I am loving my new workout pants! :)


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