Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Visit to Onederland

Current weight: 201 ...ish

The UpSide
On Friday, my friend and I did the Power90 Level 3/4 Sculpt workout. I've only ever done Level 1/2 before but it was only 35mins & pretty mellow for me compared to the intense BodyCombat I'm used to. Well, I was in his bathroom fixin to get in the shower and I saw his scale. I only let myself weigh on Tuesdays but it was such a cool looking digital scale and I was curious. I took off my shoes and hopped on. It danced around the single 2s and upper 190s and stopped....on 199.6! What? So I hopped off and tried again...199.6! I didn't believe it, I called for my friend and made him come look. I wanted to jump up and down but I didn't. I smiled and tried to suppress it. See, he has been losing weight as well, but that very morning had been talking about throwing away his scale, frustrated at recent gain. I didn't want to rub my success in. But he's so amazing. He knew I was excited and told me it was okay. He's always so happy for me. We celebrated with vegetarian pizza and RockBand. Oh, and the post shower bottle of water put me back over, but that's okay. I was there!

The DownSide
So have you seen these disgusting rubbery representations of 5lbs of fat? Well I've lost 23 lbs, thats almost 5 of those. And I just don't see it. I feel better, that's for sure, and I do see a little difference but not 23 blubbery pounds worth. I'm also wearing the same size 14/16 clothes I had when I started. They do look better on me but...?????

I'm getting frustrated but I'm not giving up. This is my life now. And I'm really not sacrificing as much as I used to on "diets". The other day I gave in and picked up Taco Bell on the way home. I enjoyed it but I didn't overeat and the next day was the day I dropped under 200. I can eat good, healthy foods, actually feel full, and still lose weight. I just have to make sure I work it off. No problems there; I've become workout obsessed. It's all a routine. I'm in this for the long haul.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Some Catch Up with a Dab of Mustard

So I haven't blogged in a bit. I haven't done much of anything but work. I just calculated and I had 55 hours before today. Long days of hard work. My feet and muscles are killing me but I had to have been burning lost of calories, right?

I only got to hit the gym once this week. BodyCombat. Love it still.

I finished the 6 Day Slim Down which resulted in a 5lbs loss in the past two weeks. Woohoo, however 4 of those pounds don't count b/c they were the ones gained back over the 4th. So down 1 more pound overall. That's a total loss of 18lbs.

Current weight: 205

My eating was not as strict this week b/c of my hectic schedule. We were so busy Wednesday that I did not eat at all. I had a protein shake for breakfast and that was it. There just was no time! Its the nature of my job.

We did have a lunch break yesterday and I had a teriyaki chicken rice bowl. I didn't get the combo w/ crab puffs and eggroll and I didn't eat the whole thing like a I wanted to. It was so good! For dinner we had Mexican food (yes the work day was that long) and I had tacos instead of the combo plate I would have had. I may have gone a little crazy on the chips but I know I probably burned that off running from the helipad, through the hospital, across the parking lot, and back to get something off our truck.

My sister is coming to stay with me for the weekend. I'm super excited. I will be forcing her to do BodyCombat with me tomorrow. I hope I don't kill her but will reward her efforts w/ Belgium waffles.

Sorry so fragmented.
This is not the time to worry about time. We don't have the time...

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Before Pics - Warning: Not for the Squeamish

Here are my before pictures. Wow, as I typed that sentence the skys opened up into terrential downpour. Coincidence?

There. It's done. Phew. Off to Combat :)


Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 4 of the 6 Day Slim Down From Hell

Okay, so it may not be as bad as the title suggests but it sucks.Thank gawd its only for 6 days. I'm hungry all the time. I'm hungry while I'm eating. After I'm done eating I look up what I eat next and when I can eat it. I crave real food. I crave being full. I love being full. Its one of the best feelings in the world.

Regard the one meal that filled me up:

Broccoli Mushroom Eggwhite Omelet (mine always end up scrambled)

It doesn't help that my Friend is on day 5 and will not stop talking about what he would prefer to be eating. Sometimes we help each other but sometimes we hinder. Boo.

Working out is going great. I wanted to quit Combat so bad Wednesday night but I didn't. I stuck it out through the whole thing. I think I will try BodyJam next, once I can get up the nerve. I'm not much for dancing in front of people. When Stephenie Meyer created Bella Swan, I'm pretty sure she modeled her after me. (For you non-nerds out there, that means I'm uncoordinated....and pale.)

I just now read the comments ya'll (yes, I'm southern) have left on my other posts and thanks to encouragement from the lovely miss Chubby Stubby K, I will be posting my before pictures sometime this weekend. Maybe I'll even post an update pic with them. I don't think I look any different but I've had a few say they can tell I've lost weight. Whatev. I just say Thank You and save my eyes roll for later.

Anyway...thats enough of a lunch break. Back to work.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jump Start- The 6-Day Slim Down

Okay, after the 4th I have some ground to regain. I'm going to control+Z this bitch (that's Edit>Undo for you PCs out there) and jump start my metabolism. I've decided to try the 6-Day Slim Down that is a part of the Hip-Hop Abs workout DVDs. I've never done the DVDs, just borrowed the meal plan from a friend who has them. BTW, he says that though you may look and feel ridiculous doing the workouts, they seem to be very effective. May have to try it sometime. I don't encourage crash diets or 48 hour miracle drinks or anything like that. The pamphlet clearly states that this is not recommended for more than 6 days and for good reason. The body needs more carbs (more than 0) and more calories for long term than this program contains. This is just to get me back on track and where I was two weeks ago.

The best part about this is that I get smoothies every day for breakfast. I'm on Day 2 and my smoothie this morning, strawberry banana, tasted so good! I think it may be the protien powder that my body isn't used to, but they make my stomach a little upset for a bit after I eat/drink them. This has happended both days right after breakfast. And no, I'm not pregnant. Hopefully I'll get used to it. At least its not as bad as say eating too much at the chinese buffet. Bleuqck.

Last night I went to the launch of BodyCombat 40. It kicked my fat butt. I don't usually get so sore from that class, just worn out. Not this time. I'm walking like an old woman today. When do these workouts stop hurting?

Well I'm going to finish up this Tuna Garden Salad and get back to work.

Thanks for reading

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th Weekend Poor Self-Control

My weekend eating went to crap. I did great Thursday night passing on pizza at a friend's house & picking up Subway for myself. Friday, my day off, pretty good all day. Even at the "I Love America" celebration I shared a Turkey leg two others instead of the "India Taco" and funnel cake that looked REALLY good. What is an India Taco anyway?

Then comes Saturday. I sleep in only slightly. Get up. Scramble myself a single egg before BodyCombat. I expected class to be empty. Man was I wrong. I guess the other location of the gym I attend was closed b/c everyone from our normal Saturday class was there, plus a bunch of people I'd never seen who were apparent regulars at the North location. 5 instructors showed up to group teach the class. It only takes one but they made an event out of it all wearing patriotic workout garb and assembling a mix of songs containing the words: boom, bang, star, or America. For fireworks...GET IT? :)

After the gym was the family meal at my apartment this year. I guess it wasn't too terrible of unhealthy selections. Various sausages, green beans, vegetarian baked beans, corn on the cob, and fairly healthy Grandma's green jello salad (cottage cheese, nuts, crushed pineapple, lemon/lime sugar-free jello). The only problem was that I at 4 sausages! I just simply took a not too bad thing and ate too much! I felt terrible about it afterwards.

To make matters worse I went All-American and attended a baseball game. At said baseball game Nachos and Cheese were consumed, and after Andy's Frozen Custard. Dumb dumb dumb.

I cannot let myself indulge like that. It didn't make me feel good. Even as I was eating it I couldn't enjoy it. All I was thinking was how many steps back this puts me. I justified in my head that I already blew it, might as well go all out. Note: never do this!

So I'm skipping my usual weigh-in. I know I screwed up and I don't need to see that number and get discouraged. That's what happened last week and I think that's why I fell so far at the first sign of temptation.

Okay, enough poor me. I'm off of here. Hopefully my next post will be about how good I'm doing and how great I feel.

Thank you for readin

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Week 3 Weight Gain Results in Dumb Gym Decision, Muscles Revolt

I've started a blog! w00t. I'm actually at work right now. I'm taking a quick break . Shhh, don't tell anyone.

So I am in the middle of week 4 of my journey. Quick update so far:

Starting weight: 217 lbs
Week 1 weight: 210.2 lbs
Week 2 weight: 206 lbs
Week 3 weight: 210.5 (son of a bitch)

So I've been doing LesMills workout classes at my gym. I've been a member for over two years and never done a class b/c I'm kinda chicken when it comes to doing new things alone. My boss' wife/my other boss joined the same gym. So when I started this journey we started going to a class or two together each week.

LOVE love love, BodyCombat and semi-kinda like BodyPump though it makes me so sore!

I am going to blame my week 3 gain back on the fact that I missed BodyCombat that Saturday and had a piece of birthday cake w/ ice cream. My body hates me so thats all it takes aparently. I know this is a long journey but its discouraging nonetheless. How in the world do I gain weight from...that!?!

Well, the weight gain pissed me off / motivated me. Motivated me to a fault. I did both Combat and Pump last night at the gym. Back to Back. 2 hours Straight. I think I'm dead. I feel dead. Not healthy.
Note to self: Don't be stupid!

I'm recovering by the pool with Subway and my best friend later. In a swimsuit. Yeah, whatcha gonna do about it? Chubby girls deserve pools too. I'm gonna do my best to own that suit. Fake confidence is still confidence right?

Thank you for reading

PS-I'll post before pictures later. If I can bring myself to do it.